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Remote work puts New York in check

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Known as the financial capital of the world, its reputation is at risk and businesses in New York are losing money as people who work face-to-face in the city spend $12,400 less per year than before the pandemic, as a result of remote work and fewer workers going to their offices, according to a report from Bloomberg with data from a group of researchers from Stanford University.

According to this report, the lack of flow of workers traversing the streets of New York City impacts restaurants, shops and even Broadway shows, since workers are spending at a rate of $5,000 less each year in the areas where they are. their offices located. Some bank presidents like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan prefer to have their workers back in the offices. But working remotely offers many opportunities for more personal time.

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One of the most difficult aspects of remote work, according to experts from Indiana University, is isolation, which can be reflected in deteriorating mental health, so they recommend seeking help and being proactive with your social life.

Source: VOA Español


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