GamingRed Dead Redemption 3 would have this brutal improvement

Red Dead Redemption 3 would have this brutal improvement

What can we expect from Red Dead Redemption 3? This is what could be to come in the third installment of the Rockstar Games westerns.

Red Dead Redemption 3 could have a brutal new improvement. The third part of the Rockstar Games video games could benefit from expanding the role of one of the second title’s most fun side activities. Although the sequel offered many things for players to do, one of the best options ended up being scarce and sold out easily. Fixing this issue would help the next game in the series to remain satisfying until the end credits.

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The video games of this franchise offer players a huge Wild West open world to run through. This world is full of encounters and side activities. The second title took this approach even further than the first game. You could play for hours without touching the main story and still not get bored by all that Arthur Morgan could do. From playing poker to committing robberies, the amount of freedom a player has is staggering. Even though Red Dead Redemption 3 is yet another prequel, it will likely continue in this vein and ensure that the player always has a way to pass the time between missions.

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The duels could be key in the third installment

Dueling is an important mechanic in the series and it worked just like in the old cowboy movies. The protagonist and their opponent are facing each other, and the fastest to draw to disarm or kill their opponent wins.. It’s a fun side quest as the player needs good timing and aim to win. The sequel even has a whole side quest that revolves around dueling with nefarious gunslingers and outlaws. But should that improve Red Dead Redemption 3? From Screen Rant they are clear that yes.

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Unfortunately, the sequel only has a limited amount of duels, and outside of the gunslinger sidequest, they’re few and far between. A couple appear during the main plot and the rest take place in random encounters. Once all are depleted, the player will no longer be able to use the pistols and revolvers to duel outside of mission replay via the pause menu. It’s disappointing, especially after the first game had so many more duels. Something that Red Dead Redemption 3 should improve to increase the player experience.

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