GamingReason why Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusive to PS5

Reason why Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusive to PS5

Reason why Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusive to PS5

Those responsible for Final Fantasy 16 have revealed why they have chosen to give PS5 exclusivity for the new video game in the saga.

sony is putting a lot of effort to add exclusive games for the PS5 and final fantasy 16 It will be one of your big bets. But it will only be on the platform for 6 months, then it can be played on pc. This is how those responsible for the game explain it to 4gamer.

First of all, due to the limited-time exclusive contract with SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment), Final Fantasy 16 cannot be released on other platforms for half a year after the PS5 version is released. I just think a lot of you probably don’t know why we entered into these contracts.”

“Hardware manufacturers also have those expectations. However, from our point of view, signing such a contract with a hardware manufacturer means that we can receive technical support. This time, there is a part where we are developing together with a group of SIE engineers who know all about the basics of the hardware, and we provide generous support for optimization and other things that are difficult to handle alone.”

“However, we also want to distribute it widely around the world, so it’s not a permanent monopoly, but a limited period. Conditions vary by title, but in the case of Final Fantasy 16, we signed an exclusive six-month contract for the PS5 platform.”

“It’s a completely different story to say: Six months after the release of the PS5 version, Final Fantasy 16 will be playable on various platforms, including PC. Until now you have relied on the performance of PS5 for game design, creation and optimization. If you just put this on the PC version as is, you can’t have the same experience. Unless you have an expensive PC that costs about 300,000 yen (more than 2000 euros). As you know, the gaming environment used by PC is different for each person, so in order for it to work in as many environments as possible, it needs to be optimized for PC. It’s a bit unrealistic to say that we can do it in half a year from the release of the PS5 version.”

“If you’re even a little familiar with the game, you might think: Since we’re doing it in a PC environment, if it works on PS5, we’ll be able to run it on PC right away. But surprisingly that is not the case. It’s just that, due to the production environment, some parts run on a PC.”

“As a producer and as a company, we want as many people as possible to play the game and we also want to achieve the best possible sales results. So of course we are also thinking about the release of the PC version. However, I’m sorry, but I can’t do it in half a year. When we get a chance to release the PC version, we’ll let you know that it’s likely to be released at that time.”

“The appeal of Final Fantasy 16 is that images of that quality move smoothly without loading. So I don’t think we can make a PC version that will ruin that experience.”

final fantasy 16 It will go on sale on June 22, 2023.

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