News Latin America Rautel ‘N’ arrested in Monterrey for the death of Ariadna Lopez

Rautel ‘N’ arrested in Monterrey for the death of Ariadna Lopez

The alleged feminicide of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez, Rautel “N”, in an image of her social networks.RR.SS.

Rautel ‘N’, accused by the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office of the death of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez, turned himself in to the authorities in the State of Nuevo Leon early this Monday morning. The man was pointed out along with her partner, Vanessa ‘N’, arrested on Sunday in Ecatepec, of being responsible for the alleged femicide of the young woman who was found dead last week next to a highway in the State of Morelos. “I am innocent of what is imputed to me and I did not kill her. That is why I am here to face justice. I trust in justice and in God who knows I am innocent, ”Rautel said before the cameras, accompanied by his lawyer, when he entered the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office.

Ariadna’s body with bruises and scratches had been found by cyclists on the outskirts of Tepoztlan, a tourist town an hour from the Mexican capital, after disappearing from the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City. The one who took on the case, due to the place of the discovery, was the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office, who last Friday gave a press conference to announce the results of the autopsy performed on the body: according to their experts, the young woman had died of bronchial aspiration , the medical title given to a person who chokes on food or drink. That Public Ministry also indicated that it had found a very high percentage of alcohol in the blood, six times what a person usually has when drunk.

But the case took a radical turn this Sunday, when the Mexico City prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy, targeted Rautel and his girlfriend Vanessa, who were with Ariadna on the night of October 30, just before his disappearance. The prosecutor accused them in a press conference of being linked to the death of the young woman. A second autopsy, carried out by experts from the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, concluded that the death had been the product of a “multiple trauma”, contradicting the first autopsy carried out by the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office. The head of the capital’s Public Ministry added that they had a video captured by street cameras in which Rautel is seen carrying an unconscious and motionless woman on his shoulder. Godoy pointed out that, after a search of the apartment where the defendant lived, the place where Ariadna was last seen alive, traces of blood were found on the living room floor, in the bedroom and on a cushion.

The detained man should be transferred in the next few hours to Mexico City. His identity was confirmed as the person wanted for the death of Ariadna and now the authorities of the capital will go after him to Nuevo Leon with a collaboration letter, as explained by the Prosecutor’s Office of the capital. Rautel had attended Ariadna’s wake and had given a version before the media cameras that was contradictory. The man had assured that the young woman left her house on Sunday alive in a taxi. “She left alone, my girlfriend and I were the first to testify,” he had said at the funeral. His lawyer highlighted early this Monday that Rautel is now surrendering “voluntarily” and has said: “We are going to prove her innocence at trial.”

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