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    Qatar denounces an “unfounded” campaign for the World Cup in response to criticism from the European Parliament

    Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani and FIFA President Gianni Infantino – Tom Weller/dpa

    MADRID, November 28 (EUROPA PRESS) –

    The Shura Council of Qatar, one of the most important advisory bodies in the country, has condemned the resolution adopted last week by the European Parliament to criticize the designation of the venue for the current World Cup and has denounced an “unfounded” campaign based in “false accusations and misleading information”.

    In the resolution, the MEPs denounced the “rampant” corruption of FIFA and demanded that the Qatari authorities, among other things, extend the compensation fund to the families of the workers killed during the construction of the stadiums for the football event.

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    “Qatar is an independent country that will not accept dictates from others or moral lessons from anyone,” warned the Shura Council, which gives voice to the apparent discontent within the Qatari regime over the wave of criticism received in recent weeks.

    The Council has denounced the “systematic conspiracy” against Qatar, which would be the victim of “hypocrisy, double standards and racism”, for being the first Arab country to host a World Cup. According to this body, texts such as those from the European Parliament “encourage hatred between East and West,” reports the official QNA news agency.

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    He has also boasted of the supposed labor integration of women, assuring that they represent more than 40 percent of the active population and that, contrary to what would happen in the West, “Qatar has never seen salary inequalities” for reasons of gender.

    In this sense, he has warned that the country will not accept interference or dictates that want to “alter the deep-rooted moral values” of the local population, which would have received the thousands of people who have displaced from other countries with “enthusiasm and friendship”. .

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