NewsEuropePutin and Tokayev discuss the possible creation of an energy union with Uzbekistan

Putin and Tokayev discuss the possible creation of an energy union with Uzbekistan

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The presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan, Vladimir Putin and Kasim Yomart Tokayev, respectively, have discussed the possibility of creating a “tripartite gas union” with Uzbekistan in the midst of the energy crisis in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Both leaders have held a series of conversations during Tokayev’s visit to Moscow this week, as announced on Tuesday by the spokesman for the Kazakh Presidency, Ruslan Yeldibai, according to information collected by the newspaper ‘Kazakhstanskaya Pravda’.

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“There are some more issues in relation to the visit of the head of state to Moscow,” he pointed out before stating that both have advocated creating this union to “coordinate actions on gas transportation through the territories of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan “.

Likewise, he has emphasized that they have expressed the need to continue with “more detailed negotiations” that include the participation of experts from the three countries to “find solutions to the matter.” In this sense, Tokayev himself has assured that he will contact the authorities of Uzbekistan to address the matter as soon as possible.

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