NewsWorldPutin accused the West of wanting to destroy Russia

Putin accused the West of wanting to destroy Russia

Photo: AFP.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO members of participating in the conflict in Ukraine by delivering weapons to this country and said that the West wants to destroy Russia.

“They are sending Ukraine tens of billions of dollars. This really is participation.”Putin said in an interview with the Rossiya-1 channel broadcast this Sunday.

“This means that they are taking part, albeit indirectly, in the crimes of the kyiv regime,” he said.

The Russian president considered that Western countries have “a single goal: to dissolve the former Soviet Union and its main part, the Russian Federation.”

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“Only then may we be accepted into the so-called family of civilized peoples, but only separately, each part separately,” he said.

Putin gave the interview on the sidelines of a patriotic concert held in Moscow on Thursday on the eve of the first anniversary of the start of the Russian military offensive in kyiv.

In the note, the president reiterated its call to achieve a multipolar world and stated that he had “no doubt” that it would eventually occur.

“Now that (the United States’) attempts to reconfigure the world after the fall of the Soviet Union have led to this situation, we are forced to react“, he assured.

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