BusinessPSOE and United We can raise legal guarantees to the inspections to beneficiaries of the PAC

PSOE and United We can raise legal guarantees to the inspections to beneficiaries of the PAC

A grape harvester and a tractor during the Sauvignon Blanc grape harvest, on August 25, 2022, in Manzanares, Ciudad Real, Castilla La-Mancha – King Sotolongo – Europa Press

The PSOE and United We Can want to approve legal guarantees for inspections of beneficiaries of aid from the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC), ensuring that the owners of the farms cannot prevent access to any dependency of the same.

This is stated in one of the amendments registered by the formations that support the Government to the bill that regulates the CAP management systems, to which Europa Press has had access.

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In addition to the obligations of collaboration in the control and verification tasks, the amendment makes explicit that, when so required, “you may enter any place, installation or dependency, farm, business premises and other establishments” of the exploitation, goods or activities subject to obligations are carried out.

In the event that it is considered a domicile, the consent of its owner or a judicial resolution will be required, and the entry agreement must be previously communicated, with the identification and scope of assets, activities and documentation subject to inspection.

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Another of the modifications proposed by the government parties is to equate upwards the statute of limitations for infractions to four years –it was three years in the case of serious ones and one year for minor ones– from the day the would have committed

PSOE and United We Can justify the unification to adjust both to the general rule of the General Law of Subsidies and the European regulation, as they are infractions committed with European funds.

Finally, both formations seek to introduce as an amendment a modification of the Law for the promotion of the integration of cooperatives and other associative entities of an agri-food nature, in order to simplify the requirements to be able to constitute priority associative entities.

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A modification that they justify in order to expand the implementation of this figure as much as possible “given the beneficial effects that they lend to the articulated structuring of the sector”.

Source: Europa Press


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