News World Protests in France leave 457 detainees and 441 police officers injured

Protests in France leave 457 detainees and 441 police officers injured

The ninth day of strikes and demonstrations has left a total of 457 people arrested and 441 police officers and gendarmes injured, as announced this Friday by the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin.

The minister, who spoke to the CNews channel, also said that there were 903 urban furniture or garbage fires in Paris during the protests. Among the most notable is the fire at the Bordeaux City Hall. The mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, who went to see the magnitude of the fire, assured that he “does not understand why they have attacked the house of all Bordeaux.”

The head of the Interior deplored during the interview the “radicalization of a small part of the movement.” “What worries us is the presence of the extreme left” which, according to him, seeks to destroy the republican institutions. ¬ęThe country must condemn the extreme left, the rebels. They are extremely violent,” he said.

Throughout France some 300 demonstrations took place throughout the country. Despite the approval, by decree, of the reform, the unions are determined to continue with their test of strength to demand its complete withdrawal. For this Tuesday they have called a new day of protests.

For unions, yesterday’s demonstrations were the most important since the French first took to the streets to protest the reform earlier this year.

The record for participation in the demonstrations was held until yesterday by the protest on the 7th with 3.5 million protesters throughout France, which the Ministry of the Interior reduced to 1.3 million. Yesterday’s, according to the CGT, brought together another 3.5 million French.

The protests are motivated by the pension reform that the Macron government approved last week. In it, the retirement age for the French increases from 62 to 64.

The French president decided to impose his reform of the national pension system using article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows a bill to be approved without a parliamentary vote, a decree that accelerates a national political change that deeply favors the extreme right. The pension reform will take many months to enter into force, victim of institutional resources that will prolong the risk of tensions. The president, in a television interview, declared himself willing to assume unpopularity. This appearance by Macron did not serve to calm things down, quite the contrary after the day this Thursday.



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