NewsWorldProtest in Milan for the order against children of homosexuals

Protest in Milan for the order against children of homosexuals

Protest in Milan for the order against children of homosexuals

Thousands of people have gathered in Piazza La Scala in Milan. They have protested this Saturday against the last order of the far-right government of Giorgia Meloni which is based on a law from almost 20 years ago on medically assisted procreation and with which they intend to limit the recognition of parental authority to the biological parent only in homoparental families.

The demonstration was called by several organizations defending the LGBTI rightswho consider the decision a “discrimination” against the homosexual couples.

What is this government order?

This week, the Italian Ministry of the Interior, through the government delegation, ordered the Milan City Hall that it should discontinue the registration as children of same-sex couples of children born abroad.

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The circular from the government delegation explains that only “the parent who has a biological link with the child” may be mentioned on the birth certificate and the “transcription of birth certificates issued abroad”.

300 families had already registered

In July 2022, the mayor of Milan began to authorize the registration of the children of homosexual couples, considering that there was a legal vacuum and there are about 300 families that have been able to register their children as their own and not just adopted. in the civil registry.

The mayor of Milan, the progressive Giuseppe Sala, regretted this order, which in his opinion “It is a clear step backwards from the political and social point of view”.

Sala today addressed a message of encouragement to the protesters and the families affected: “I am always with you. We have a big problem, which is a legal vacuum that must be overcome”said.

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And he noted: “But this government, as we have all understood, is doing everything possible to humiliate those who do not think like them.”

This same week, the right-wing coalition that has governed the country since October joined forces in a Senate committee and rejected the “European Certificate of Paternity” proposed by the European Commission to automatically recognize paternity established and legal in another Member State, including that of LGTBIQ families.

Among the protesters was Elly Schlein, the leader of the Italian opposition Democratic Party, which she described as ideological, “cruel” and discriminatory the government’s bureaucratic repression against LGTBIQ families, and promised to promote legislation in Parliament that better recognizes and protects their rights.

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Schlein, who in 2020 revealed that he was in a relationship with another woman, stated that this discrimination is no longer tolerable:

“We are talking about rights that have been trampled on when they are already recognized by our Constitution. We are talking about girls and boys who are already growing up in our communities, who go to our schools”

Source: Euronews Español


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