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Prince Edward acknowledges that the Royal Family has been “overwhelmed” by the displays of affection for Elizabeth II

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex -Peter Byrne/PA Wire/dpa

Prince Edward, youngest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II, has acknowledged that the British Royal Family has been “overwhelmed” by the innumerable displays of affection for the late monarch, who died last week at Balmoral at the age of 96 and after 70 of reign

The also Earl of Wessex thanked “the tide of emotions” and thanked “the large number of people who have made an effort to express their love” for the monarch for her attitude, as reported by the BBC.

“We have grown up learning to share our parents, especially our dear Mum, with the nation, its kingdoms and the Commonwealth,” Prince Edward said.

The prince also recalled the “precious and happy” moments that he and his family lived with the late Elizabeth II, whose death, he acknowledges, “has left an unimaginable void” in their lives.

“God bless his majesty, and may his memory be treasured long, even as the baton he has carried for the last 70 years now passes to the next generation and to my brother, Carlos. Long live the king,” he concluded. .

Source: Europa Press



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