Entertainment “Prey” Exceeds Expectations As A “Predator” Movie

“Prey” Exceeds Expectations As A “Predator” Movie

Considering the rapid deterioration of the franchise of predator” with its sequels, prequels, “reboots” and subsequent “spinoffs” to the first film, celebrate the premiere of Prey” as the best production since the original is not necessarily a huge compliment.

The 20th Century Studios production that premieres this Friday on the digital platform of Hulu It has big and small achievements. The first and most significant is that the central concept of his script, which dates back to a Predator visit to Earth in the 1700s, cannot be minimized to “Predator vs. Native Americans.”

Under the effective and outstanding direction of Dan Trachttenberg, Patrick Aison’s script manages to balance the central concept of “David vs Goliath” of his story with sequences that honor the moments of suspense and action of the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The worst version of this movie would have been parallel sections totally unrelated to the Predator hunting and Naru (Amber Mid Thunder), the protagonist, who wants to defy the expectations of her tribe by wanting to participate in the hunts that take care of the food. The work of the director and his production team prevents this from happening. In fact, the quality of it is such that most viewers will wish they could have seen this movie in a theater.

On a smaller scale, but much more significant for the emotional journey of the protagonist, the script manages to position the alien monster as the biggest obstacle, but not the only one, or even the deadliest that Naru has faced. This is key to highlight the intellect of the protagonist as her greatest defense and that her climate shock has credibility or registers as something forced. That that works is far more impressive than any digital effects or action moments in the film. The good of “Prey” it is that in that department it does not fail either.



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