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President of Iran concludes visit to Venezuela and continues his tour in Nicaragua and Cuba

President of Iran concludes visit to Venezuela and continues his tour in Nicaragua and Cuba

The presidents of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, participated in an act with youths related to the Venezuelan government in which they exposed their anti-imperialist positions and the so-called “new international order.”

Raisi said on Tuesday that bowing to the enemy is an “incorrect calculation” because they intend to “plunder” the natural and spiritual resources of peoples, saying that Iran’s 44-year resistance shows that it can be achieved “roll back the enemy”.

“What they demand, imperialism demands is that we exploit our natural resources, sell them and grant them to whoever they want, not for the benefit of our peoples,” Raisi said, while condemning the sanctions imposed by the community. international.

The Iranian president also referred to some mechanisms to reform the new international order. Among them, he mentioned the need to “replace the dollar with the national currencies of the countries to carry out the exchange of merchandise and products”; increase cooperation in “media and advertising matters”, as well as use new technologies, including artificial intelligence.

In this sense, without offering further details, he said that it was agreed to set up a technology office in Caracas to materialize technological cooperation.

Previously, during his second day in Caracas on Tuesday, Raisi visited a supermarket inaugurated in July 2020 that is part of the commercial alliances between Caracas and Tehran. In addition, he met with the president of the National Assembly with an official majority, Jorge Rodriguez.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Yvan Gil, assured that Raisi’s words of “encouragement” are “essential” to strengthen the struggle and consolidate the union of the peoples.

A State Department spokesperson responded to a request for comment from the voice of america Assuring that they take seriously Iran’s attempts to expand its “evil” activities throughout the world, including in the Western Hemisphere.

“We remain firm in our commitment to the Venezuelan people, which includes support for their democratic aspirations, as well as assistance to address the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela with a broad coalition of partners,” he said when asked about the US position on the visit. of the Iranian president to Venezuela.

On Monday, the governments of Iran and Venezuela signed 25 agreements in various areasincluding telecommunications, oil, livestock, transportation, port cooperation, mining, petrochemicals, culture, health, among others.

Raisi was received by Maduro on Monday at the Miraflores Palace. It is his first visit to Latin America since he took office last year.

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Source: VOA Espanol



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