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    Police arrest the fifth person involved in the murder of the Tirado brothers and their uncle in the Roma neighborhood

    Experts are outside the address at Medellin 113, in the Roma neighborhood, in Mexico City.DARKROOM

    The police arrested this Thursday afternoon the fifth implicated in the murder of the Tirado brothers and their uncle —Jorge (35 years old), Andres (27) and Luis Gonzalez (73)— in the Roma neighborhood of Ciudad de Mexico. The Prosecutor’s Office has announced the arrest of a woman, identified as Rebeca, who at the time of her arrest was carrying “a pawn ticket for a laptop with characteristics similar to a computer stolen from the home where the events occurred, an electronic tablet and cartridges useful,” according to the agency. According to sources from the Public Ministry, the suspect of being an accomplice to the crime is part of the environment of the four people already arrested.

    Rebeca was located, according to sources from the Prosecutor’s Office familiar with the case, thanks to tracking the mobile phones of the others involved, which led to hers. The agents have almost completely ruled out the hypothesis that the instigators of the crime and first detainees, Blanca, Sally and Azuher (mother, daughter and son-in-law respectively) hired a group of professional hitmen to commit the murders. Instead, the most likely line of inquiry is that all those involved are close to the family. The fourth detainee, Randy, is Blanca’s grandson and Sally’s son. Rebeca is a friend of Sally and Azuher. The investigations indicate that there are still two more implicated whom the police hope to arrest in the coming days.

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    The investigators also have the recording of the security camera of an ATM, where the new detainee is seen withdrawing money in the company of Sally. At this time, the police believe that Blanca, Sally and Azuher —in pretrial detention for at least the next six months— asked people they trusted for help before committing the crime, according to Public Ministry sources. The new discoveries reinforce the detectives’ theory that the suspects did not hire professional killers, as improvisation was common in their behavior. Tracking a mobile phone is relatively easy, and someone with criminal experience wouldn’t have left as many clues on it.

    The Tirado brothers, an actor and musician from Sinaloa and well-known on the cultural scene, and their uncle were found dead last Sunday in a house on 113 Medellin Street, in the wealthy heart of the Mexican capital. Their bodies had been in a cellar at the residence since Friday, where the culprits allegedly gagged, beat and finally suffocated them. When the police broke into the scene, they found the bodies and the first three detainees at the scene. In another room, they found Margarita Maria Ochoa, 72, the young men’s aunt and Gonzalez’s wife, alive. She survived because, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, the suspects wanted her to give them ownership of the house.

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    Ochoa was the sister of the previous owner, an elderly man who passed away in May. The first three detainees lived in the same residence because Blanca worked as a nurse for the man, who needs constant care. After his death, they tried to take ownership of the property, arguing that Blanca and the old man had been a couple, but they could not prove it. Ochoa and her husband moved into the house in June to regularize the inheritance of the house, which remained intestate (when there is no inheritance or the succession is unclear). But when they were about to get it, Blanca, her daughter and her son-in-law reacted with violence to be able to take over the building.

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    The Tirado brothers had moved in with their uncles in August and they were collateral damage, although without the repercussions caused by their disappearance first and their deaths later, the case probably would never have become so publicized. Victims and perpetrators lived together for several months in the house on Medellin street. The value of the house, erected in the Porfiriato and somewhat old, lies in its location: Roma Norte, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the capital, immersed in a fierce process of gentrification that is raising prices even more. Now the police hope to capture two others involved, close the criminal part of the case and let the courts decide the future of the alleged culprits.

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