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Plebiscite 2022 for the new Constitution of Chile, live | Boric: “Whatever the result, we will call for national unity”

Chile votes divided the destiny of the new Constitution

By Federico Rivas-Molina Y Rocio Montes (Santiago de Chile). Chile lives this Sunday an electoral day that will mark its destiny for the next decades. Almost three years after the social outbreak of October 2019 that opened the way to a constituent process, some 15.1 million voters are compulsorily summoned to the polls to approve or reject the proposed new Constitution. The text, drafted by a specially chosen convention, seeks to profoundly transform Chilean institutions. So much so that the result does not summon the large majorities that were expected when the process began, almost two years ago.

With key aspects such as the definition of a social and democratic State and the incorporation of new economic and social rights, the proposal ensures equality between men and women in various fields and has a marked ecological accent. But it also has aspects that have divided Chilean society. In a country with 13% indigenous people, critics consider that the introduction of the concept of plurinationality exacerbates the identity of the original peoples. There are also doubts about the changes in the political system, which include the replacement of the Senate by a lower level body and a Judicial Power that would be called Justice Systems.

There have been no polls for two weeks, because the law prohibits them from being published until 15 days before the electoral events. Chilean society is blind to the movement of trends. According to the last known, the rejection was between eight and 11 points above the approval. But the same pollsters have revealed that this margin narrowed over the days. Analysts agree that the level of participation will be key.

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In the photograph, which is from Aileen Diazfrom Reuters, a woman during a rally against the Constitution, in Santiago de Chile.

Source: EL PAIS



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