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    GamingPlayStation Wrap-Up 2022: Your Year in Recap on PS4...

    PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022: Your Year in Recap on PS4…

    In 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment invites its community to relive its past year on its consoles with interactive infographics. The PlayStation Wrap-Up was born. The statistics displayed on the screen ranged from the number of trophies won, to the total playing time, to the name of the software on which we had spent the most hours. SIE repeated the operation in 2021 and now in 2022.

    Don’t say anything, Elden Ring?

    The site dedicated to its PlayStation retrospective will be there until January 13, 2023. Above, we mentioned the fact of being able to observe its personal figures, its own highlights of the year if you prefer. However, it is quite possible to have a more global vision of the thing by going to see the exploits of the community. For example, how many axes were thrown by players in God of War Ragnarök?

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    Whether you’ve spent the majority of your time exploring the Nine Realms alongside Kratos and Atreus or guiding a stray cat through a unique and dystopian world, relive those gaming moments and celebrate your year with PlayStation 2022 highlights.

    They recap the number of trophies they’ve won, the number of games they’ve played, the number of hours spent on PS4 and PS5 games, and the number of monthly PlayStation Plus games downloaded if they’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Stats will be updated through the end of 2022, so be sure to check back early next year.

    Finally, know thata summary card will be given to you. The idea is to share it with other people and have fun comparing various statistics. Which PlayStation game has your best friend played the most? Gran Turismo 7? Horizon Forbidden West? We ask you the question, but in truth, we already have the answer to the latter and it is in the Underworld.

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