Sports Patricia Sampaio, the heroine of Portuguese judo

Patricia Sampaio, the heroine of Portuguese judo

Almada, Portugalwitnessed a Incredible last day of the 2023 Portuguese Grand Prix. The stadium was packed and ready to go, full of fans eager to see the heavyweight spectacle.

friendship and sportsmanship

At -90 kg, the Bulgarian Ivaylo Ivanov defeated the hungarian Toth Krisztian. Both have starred in a beautiful moment of friendship and sportsmanship that has been highly appreciated by the Portuguese public.

Skander HatchetSports Director of the International Judo Federation (FIJ), was present at the medal ceremony.

“In judo you always have to respect your opponent. We are friends because we are the same age. We have children, he and I. He was very happy before our fight, he sent me a message saying “I am very happy to fight with you” – Me! too! That’s the way sport is: I give my all in combat, and then we’re friends,” Ivanov said.

Patricia Sampaio wins gold for Portugal

At -78kg, Patricia Sampaio she was the hero of the day, giving the local crowd what they had come for! She blasted her way through the preliminaries and she seemed utterly intent on getting the gold medal for Portugal.

Totally focused, Sampaio scored a tactical victory in the final, clinching her first Grand Prix gold medal and sending the stadium into a frenzy. A wonderful moment for Portuguese judo.

The mayoress of Almada, Ines de Medeirosgave him the medals and the stadium stood up to sing the anthem.

“It was incredible to have so many people here. I’m not from Lisbon, I live 2 hours away, so 2 full cars came to scream for me, with my family and friends from the club. It was amazing, incredible. I have no words for everything that I heard today from the public. It’s been unbelievable,” Sampaio said with a smile.

-100 kg male

In -100 kg, the Georgian Ilia Sulamanidze surpassed the young japanese Araiconsolidating itself as world number 1.

The refereeing supervisor of the Federation, Carlos KnoesterHe handed him the medal.

In +78kg, kim hayun prevailed over Rochelle Nunesending the Portuguese hopes of getting another gold.

Cathy FleuryIJF refereeing supervisor, presented the medals.

In +100kg, Kim Minjong achieved the fourth gold medal for Korea, placing his country at the top of the medal table.

With 2 golds and 1 silver, and an exciting judo, the Portuguese team can consider this Grand Prix a fantastic success. The judo family can’t wait to come back next year.

Source: Euronews Español



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