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Panama sends 49 tons of drugs to the United States to be incinerated

The Panamanian authorities sent this Thursday to the USA, a cargo of 49 tons of drugs, which will be incinerated in that country, which were seized by the Public Force in more than a hundred operations, according to the Ministry of Public Security of Panama and collects the Efe agency.

«The fight against organized crime has been effective, in the last two years we have achieved record figures in terms of drug seizures. These are hard blows to organized crime and the finances of these criminal groups,” the Panamanian Minister of Public Security said in a statement. Juan Manuel Pino.

Likewise, the delegate confirmed that nine officials from various Panamanian government entities are traveling with the shipment, who will be witnesses of the moment of the destruction of the drug on US territory.

Pino highlighted the work of the Panamanian authorities regarding the seizure of drugs, and also specified that this year Panama has more than “36 tons seized in more than 135 operations,” adding that since 2021 “historic seizures” have been made. ».

In it In 2022, the seizure figure was 138 tons of drugs, 108 of them were cocaine, and at least 600 people were captured, according to data from the Ministry of Public Security.

“Panama is doing its job and taking care that this drug does not reach the territory, because if it reaches our shores, our people, it becomes an automatic problem of public order,” concluded the Panamanian minister.



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