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Opposition marches against the proposals of President Gustavo Petro

Massive demonstrations, in different parts of Colombia, took place this Tuesday, against the reforms proposed by the government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, such as the health reform, whose bill was presented to Congress on Monday and has generated controversy. between different sectors.

The marches took place one day after the president will summon his followers to take to the streets to support their initiativesand to public squares and to the center of Bogotá to listen to a speech in which he explained the reforms that his government will soon seek to advance, for evaluation by Congress.

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The former defense minister and candidate for mayor of Bogotá, Diego Molano, told the voice of america that “it became clear, with these millions of Colombians who marched today, that reforms cannot be made against the Colombian people and without the institutions.”

“Yesterday it became clear that the reforms must be discussed in depth and the rest of the people who do not agree with this reform must be heard,” he considered.

According to the Colombian Police, 50 activities were planned, concentrated especially in the capital cities, such as Cali, Medellín and Bogotá, and 47,000 people were mobilized in 31 protest centers, “without any violation of security and tranquility”, with some disorders in the Colombian capital and Medellín.

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The citizen Alejandro Riscanebo, who left on Wednesday to march to the center of Bogotá, in statements to the VOAcalled for respect, although he accused the supporters of the government of wanting to “sink” the country.

“It is very respectable that the opposite people leave, but, with all due respect, I want to tell you that we, who are the majority, who are representing the majority here, who want the country to move forward,” he said. of yesterday are the ones that the country wants that is going to sink”.

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For her part, Colombian Lucila Poveda assured that if it is necessary to “give up your life” for the country, they will do so. “Others will succeed us, we are already living, but our children arrive, who are the ones who are going to inherit this country,” she concluded.

On Tuesday, the authorities registered 108 public demonstration activities with an attendance of 28,099 people, which were also carried out calmly.

Source: VOA Español


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