GamingOne Piece Odyssey details its gameplay with a new video - ...

One Piece Odyssey details its gameplay with a new video – …

Waited for the next January 13new One Piece Odyssey begins to activate communication around him. At the beginning of the week, for example, he already came to us with a trailer and information worthy of satisfying the curious player. For good reason, a demo then made an appointment for January 10.

One Piece Odyssey looks back at its gameplay

The new video, approximately 11 minutes long, offers a new look at the gameplay. It thus puts us face to face with aspects that we have already been able to discover during this year 2022, whether it’s during summer events or more recently with a few broadcasts centered on narrative arcs such as Alabasta and Water Seven.

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And, more than simple images, it is with descriptive elements that we come back to us, just to give an idea that could not be more precise about what awaits us. We then talk in detail about the combat system (turn-by-turn, we remember), exploration – which will notably give players the possibility of switching from one character to another – as well as the customization system that we can use to strengthen our various protagonists.

In this way, this One Piece Odyssey will have no more secrets when it falls into your hands. Unless we have a few surprises in store… We’ll see that on January 13, 2023 when it arrives on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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