Business Officials demonstrate in Madrid to demand “a fair salary increase”

Officials demonstrate in Madrid to demand “a fair salary increase”


Officials have demonstrated this Saturday in Madrid, convened by the Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF), “for a fair salary increase, against social impoverishment and the deterioration of public services.”

The union has announced that more than 70,000 people have attended the demonstration, while the Government Delegation in Madrid has made a provisional estimate of between 15,000 and 17,000 people.

Workers from all over Spain, both from the public sector and the private sector, were summoned to this protest, called for 12 noon.

The president of CSIF, Miguel Borra, stated that “the government is being ungrateful to the workers of this country, both in the public and private sectors”, and that the massive demonstration “is the first evidence that it is losing street support.

In addition, he added that the Government has gone from considering public employees as heroes during the pandemic to treating them ungratefully and ignoring them.

Despite the fact that this week the Ministry of Finance has summoned the unions to begin next Wednesday the negotiation of salaries in public administrations within the framework of the next General State Budgets, CSIF decided to continue with the mobilization in view of the economic situation and the lack of effectiveness of the Government’s measures.

Specifically, CSIF requires the Government to update public salaries in 2022, retroactively, to recover the purchasing power lost this year in line with the measure adopted by France last July.

In addition, they demand a multi-year salary increase agreement that allows progress to be made in recovering the purchasing power of public employees, which has been diminished since 2010, and they ask the Government to engage in a transparent and objective debate on the future of pensions.

They also call for the implementation of effective economic measures to help workers combat the “disproportionate” rise in the price of the shopping basket, electricity and energy, and urge the Executive to guarantee quality public services providing both the necessary material and human resources.

Source: Europa Press



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