NewsLatin AmericaOfficialism and opposition close another week of negotiations for the constituent process in Chile without agreement

Officialism and opposition close another week of negotiations for the constituent process in Chile without agreement

File – An election official displays a rejected ballot. Plebiscite for the new Constitution of Chile 2022. – CRISTOBAL BASAURE ARAYA / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHO

This Friday the Chilean political parties have closed another week of negotiations for the new constituent process without reaching an agreement, while the opposition rejects that the entire team that drafts the new constitution be elected at the polls.

The president of the Chilean Senate, Alvaro Elizalde, has explained that it has not been possible to reach a point of consensus and that the positions have distanced themselves in the last few hours, according to ‘Bio Bio Chile’.

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“Tonight I am disappointed, but I believe that we must not give up, we must insist on an agreement for Chile, which is why I want to call on all the political forces that have participated in the dialogue to live up to what Chile demands of us,” he declared.

The ruling party has proposed that the team be made up of 70 people chosen in the elections and a team of experts that appears as support in the harmonization and transition commissions, according to the same newspaper.

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The parties were close to agreeing on a table of 50 elected members, however, Yellows for Chile –which is part of the Chile Vamos coalition– pressured so that this pact was not signed.

For this reason, from the Party for Democracy they defend that the ruling party is making efforts to offer different alternatives that even go against the programs of the political forces that comprise it. “But there was not the necessary generosity and the truth is that I am deeply disappointed in the role that Amarillos had,” said its president, Natalia Piergentili.

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