TechnologyNvidia introduces Avatar Cloud Engine, to create avatars and virtual assistants that pass the Turing test

Nvidia introduces Avatar Cloud Engine, to create avatars and virtual assistants that pass the Turing test

Nvidia introduces ACE to create virtual assistants and avatars that pass the Turing test. – NVIDIA.

Nvidia has announced Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), a set of Artificial Intelligence services and models (AI) based on the cloud, which allow the creation and customization of virtual assistants and digital humans with the potential to pass the test of Turing.

The company presented a system for creating avatars using AI, Omniverse Avatar, within the framework of its virtual GTC event held in November 2021. This initiative is part of its platform omniversewhich brings together all the brand’s technologies for 3D design and simulation.

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Nvidia has now introduced ACEa set of AI services and models, which will allow businesses “any size” being able to create and deploy assistants and avatars capable of understanding “multiple” languages, as explained in a statement.

Nvidia has also highlighted that these assistants and avatars will be able to respond to voice prompts, as well as interact with the environment and carry out recommendations “smart“.

To do this, ACE includes two functionalities known as Project Maxine Y Project Tokyo. The first of these provides audio and video features for virtual collaboration and content creation.

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For its part, Project Tokkio improves customer service in establishments such as restaurants and offers avatars provided with vision, perception and conversation. These, in addition, can make recommendations of the services available to customers.

Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at Nvidia, Rev Lebaredian, has stated that ACE allows the creation of digital assistants that “are on their way to passing the Turing test”. This test, proposed in 1950, has since measured a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent human-like behavior.


ACE is also built on top of the Unified Compute Framework (UCF) from Nvidia, a framework that provides access to ‘software’ tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) “necessary” for creating interactive avatars.

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Within this set of tools, the following stand out: Rivafor the development of AI applications based on dialogue, metropolis for intelligent video analytics and computer vision and megatron, to create large customizable language models that facilitate understanding. All of them owned by the company.

Nvidia has noted in this statement that it expects assistants and avatars created using the Avatar Cloud Engine “transform interactions” in different sectors and industries, such as ‘gaming’, banking, transport, hospitality and entertainment.


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