Technology Nothing rules out the launch of a new ‘smartphone’ soon

Nothing rules out the launch of a new ‘smartphone’ soon

Nothing Phone (1) – NOTHING

The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, has ruled out that the launch of a new brand terminal, which would be the Phone (2), which has put an end to the rumors that pointed to a new generation of its already famous ‘smartphone’.

The technology company launched Phone (1) last July, a mobile phone that became the center of its connected ecosystem and that presents exclusive features of the brand, such as the glyph interface and the transparent casing.

Rumors have recently multiplied that Nothing is developing the successor to this device and it has been the brand’s own executive director who He has denied that this will happen.

Pei has insisted What the Nothing development team is currently focused on “to improve some things” and that the company will not produce “dozens of products a year” like other brands.

With this, he has stressed that his first and only ‘smartphone’ is your “main focus” and that they are working “in terms of ‘software’, Android 13 and beyond.”

It should be mentioned that Nothing has exceeded one million devices sold this year, divided between Phone (1) and its two models of headphones, Ear (1) and Ear (stick), presented at the end of October.



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