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    NewsUSANorth Korea maintains the escalation of tension and fires two new missiles in "retaliation" for the US and South Korean exercises

    North Korea maintains the escalation of tension and fires two new missiles in “retaliation” for the US and South Korean exercises

    North Korea fired two new ballistic missiles on Thursday and assured that its recent weapons tests are “retaliatory measures” for the military exercises deployed in the area by the United States and South Korea. Pyongyang has accused Washington and Seoul of escalating military tension in the area.

    Pyongyang has launched two different types of short-range projectiles in its latest test, according to Seoul. One of them traveled a distance of 350 kilometers at a maximum height of 80 and the other flew about 800 kilometers with an apogee of 60, before falling into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, according to the Yonhap news agency. The South Korean army believes that the North Korean regime tested two different types of missiles on this occasion, including an improved version of the Russian Iskander projectile, characterized by low-flying and irregular trajectory. The Japanese coastguard service has confirmed the detection of two possible ballistic missiles and the country’s prime minister, Fumio Kishida, assures that this recent series of shots is “unacceptable”.

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    In less than two weeks, the Kim Jong-Un regime has fired six projectiles. Tuesday’s, in addition to causing evacuation orders in Japan, marked a distance record in the history of the North Korean arsenal. Earlier Thursday, the South Korean military reported that it had detected two short-range ballistic missiles launched from the Pyongyang area into the East Sea, also known as the Sea of ​​Japan. The first missile traveled 350 kilometers and reached a maximum height of 100 kilometers, while the second reached 800 kilometers in distance and 60 in altitude.

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    Division at the UN

    Japan on Thursday lamented the division in the United Nations Security Council over the increase in missile launches from North Korea. “It is unfortunate that the Council cannot act in the face of these provocative acts, so we will continue to cooperate with the international community so that North Korea fulfills all the obligations of the Council’s resolutions,” Japanese government deputy spokesman Seiji said at a press conference. Kihara. Kihara called on the Council to “assume its responsibility and role in maintaining peace and security.” The UN Security Council met the day before to discuss the recent increase in missile launches by the North Korean regime. The meeting, however, revealed the current fissure within the body, after Russia and China, permanent members of the Council with the right to veto, distanced themselves from the general condemnation of the trial.

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