GamingNintendo would have canceled the idea of ​​releasing a Switch Pro, Digital Foundry makes revelations

Nintendo would have canceled the idea of ​​releasing a Switch Pro, Digital Foundry makes revelations

Nintendo would have canceled the idea of ​​releasing a Switch Pro, Digital Foundry makes revelations

Rumors of a possible Nintendo Switch Pro have been circulating the Internet for years. Between the analysts on the counter, the insiders sure of their shot (hello Bloomberg) and the rumors of the corridor, everyone went there from their little scoop thanks to sources close to the file to affirm that Nintendo was indeed working on a technical update of its hybrid consoles. If the release of the OLED model destroyed quite a bit of hope of seeing this boosted machine land, the words of John Lineman of Digital Foundry simply extinguish this probability. Indeed, during the last DF Direct on the YouTube Digital Foundry channel, John Lineman balances that Nintendo no longer has in mind to market this famous Nintendo Switch Pro that everyone is talking about. This information, he has it from several developers who would have confirmed to him that a mid-generation Switch was planned at some point, but that it is no longer in the pipeline at all.

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If Lineman obviously protects these sources, we know for a fact that the latter maintains close contact with many developers, given the work carried out by the chain, knowing that the Digital Foundry team even obtains privileged access for new material in order to provide detailed overviews of hardware specifications. Likewise, it should be remembered that Nintendo is not a fan of technical updates for its machines, unlike Sony and Microsoft. Not to mention that in 2023, we will enter the sixth year of existence of the Nintendo Switch and that it seems quite natural that the next machine from the Kyoto firm will be more the successor to the Switch rather than a new model. more powerful in terms of hardware. It remains to be seen what will be Nintendo’s next move? Will he keep the concept of the hybrid machine, half living room console half portable console? It is not forbidden that Japanese giant will find a new way to surprise us…

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