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News in the search for missing children in the Colombian jungle: they find footprints next to a stream

Four indigenous children have been missing for almost 20 days in the Colombian Amazon jungle. They are three children aged 13, 9 and 4 and an 11-month-old baby, lost since May 1 when the plane in which they were traveling apparently crashed due to a mechanical failure.

The Colombian newspaper ‘El Tiempo’ published this Friday that the military working in ‘Operation Hope’ in the jungles of Guaviare and Caquetá they found a series of footprints that could find the whereabouts of indigenous children.

“This time it was near a stream where the Special Forces found this clue that energizes the more than 100 men inserted for this humanitarian mission,” the entity said in a statement.

And it is that more than a hundred soldiers with sniffer dogs followed the track of the minors and walked through that area of ​​the jungle, where the plane was left with the front part destroyed.

Just shortly before, President Gustavo Petro published on his Twitter account that the minors had been rescued, after receiving information from the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare.

“After arduous search efforts by our Military Forces, We have found the four children alive who had disappeared due to the plane crash (…) A joy for the country, “said the Colombian president on Twitter.

However, this information was wrong and the next day in the morning Petro removed the tweet: «I have decided to delete the ‘trill’ because the information provided by the ICBF could not be confirmed. I’m sorry about what happened. The Military Forces and the indigenous communities will continue in their tireless search to give the country the news it is waiting for.”

As a consequence, some of the relatives of the disappeared they asked for solidarity in the decision they have made to remain silent to process their pain in the spaces of the indigenous peoples. “Physical and emotional health is not a game that can be erased or easily forgotten”, reports the Colombian newspaper ‘El Espectador’.



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