News World New documents confirm Vatican aid to thousands of Jews

New documents confirm Vatican aid to thousands of Jews

New documents confirm Vatican aid to thousands of Jews

Pope Francis ordered to declassify the archives on the papacy of Pius XII / Photo: Archive.

New documents released this Thursday by the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome They confirm the Vatican’s help to thousands of Jews in World War II during the pontificate of Pius XII.

The institution announced in a joint statement with the Jewish community of Rome and the Yad Vashem center the discovery of the names of 3,200 Jews who were “Protected from Nazi-fascist persecution in the capital thanks to the refuge offered in ecclesial institutions in the city.”

The documentation allows us to identify “where they were hidden and, in certain circumstances, places of residence before persecution“added the note.

Declassified files

By decision of Pope Francis, the Vatican had put it online in June 2022 70% of the 40,000 files declassified two years ago on the pontificate of Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII, 1939-1958).

Since 2020, the documents showed evidence of the Holy See’s concern about the situation of Jews confined in concentration camps and reveal direct requests from Vatican diplomacy to help, for example, the current Italian senator for life Liliana Segre, a survivor of Auschwitz.

The announcement was made during a workshop held at the Shoah Museum in Rome with the title “Saved. The Jews hidden in the religious institutes of Rome (1943-1944).”

In February of this year, the Vatican completed the digitization requested by Pope Francis of its archives on Pius XII’s aid to Jews in World War II. as part of the declassification that began in March 2020and the information can now be consulted online by researchers and specialists.

The archives confirm Pius XII’s help to Jews in World War II / Photo: Archive.


The Vatican Secretariat of State now offers online access to the “Jews” series of its Historical Archives, upon completing the work of making it available on the Internet of the complete series of 170 volumes containing the requests for help addressed to Pius XII by Jews from all over Europeafter the beginning of the racial persecution, reported an official statement.

In addition, an expanded second edition of the analytical inventory has been made available, containing the names of all aid applicants registered in the more than 2,500 files that make up the series.



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