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    TechnologyNetflix's new ad-supported plan will be around $7 to $9 a month, according to Bloomberg

    Netflix’s new ad-supported plan will be around $7 to $9 a month, according to Bloomberg

    A Netflix user with the platform’s interface on the TV – PIXABAY

    Netflix plans to present its new subscription modality with advertising for an estimated price between 7 and 9 dollars per month, same price in euros at the exchange rate currently established, as published by Bloomberg.

    The company announced at the end of June that it planned to launch an alternative to its current offer, which is made up of three plans with different prices: Essential (which has a price of 7.99 euros), Standard (12.99) and Premium (14.99 euros).

    It was then that one of the executive directors of the brand and director of Content for the company, Ted Sarandos, indicated that the platform was looking to design an advertising experience “more integrated and less disruptive” than traditional television advertising.

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    Some time later, the developer Steve Moser reported that this mode will not allow the download of content to view it without internet connection, something that is possible in the plans currently in force.

    Likewise, close sources confirmed to Bloomberg that the integrated advertising would not be expanded to all the contents of the platform, but that some of them can be viewed without said promotions. Specifically, will be exempt from ads the content childish and the own production programs.

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    Now this same medium has advanced that Netflix is ​​studying the possibility of establishing the price of this subscription, which is being developed together with Microsoft to offer streaming content with integrated advertising, between seven and nine dollars a month.

    Along with the possible prices between which the company is now moving, Bloomberg has indicated that the platform plans to introduce about four minutes of ads on this service per hour. These will concentrate before playing the content and during its broadcast, in no case at the end, according to sources close to it.

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    In addition, this advertising will not be personalized, so it is expected that most users will access the same content, regardless of their tastes and interests.

    At the moment, it is known that the company plans to introduce this new subscription option in the last quarter of the year and in at least six markets. The full deploymentInstead, it will take place at the beginning of 2023.

    Source: Europa Press


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