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    EntertainmentNetflix Edits Chris Rock's Will Smith Patched Joke

    Netflix Edits Chris Rock’s Will Smith Patched Joke

    Netflix Edits Chris Rock’s Will Smith Patched Joke

    Netflix Edits Chris Rock’s Will Smith Patched Joke

    Chris Rock’s recent Netflix special isn’t the only thing that’s been “cast.” selective outrage.

    On March 4, the 58-year-old comedian headlined Netflix, the streamer’s first global live streaming event.

    Chris made fun of everything from cancel culture to the Kardashians and their relationships with their children. And, in particular, it is special that he addresses the detractors in full for the first time. Oscar 2022.

    Truth be told, none of the jokes in the special stood out until Chris reminded us that it was, in fact, a live event with the biggest joke of the night reveal.

    He first exclaimed: “Years ago, your wife said you should quit the Oscars; She shouldn’t be a hostess because her man is not recommended. releaseThe biggest shit ever!” He later confessed to the theft. “you are welcome releaseI joked.

    Chris corrected himself to refer to the conversation that allegedly sparked the dispute: “She started this nonsense. She said that I big ass should quit her job because my husband was not recommended. shocked.’»

    According entertainment tonightWill has responded to the special. A source close to ET said: “Chris is embarrassed and hurt by what was said about him and his family on his Netflix special. He didn’t see it, but he had people tell him what Chris said.”

    Hopefully, after this year’s Oscars 2023, we can finally get out of the room and move on to other topics.

    Also, I was really upset when Chris said that he played a zebra in the Netflix special. Madagascar (True) and Will played a shark shark tale (lie). No. He didn’t. Jack Black is Lenny the shark and Will is a wimpy fish named Oscar.

    Netflix should have fixed that bug.


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