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Netanyahu accuses Lapid of not accepting the election result and spreading “false fears”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Ilya Yefimovich/dpa

Israel’s prime minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused the outgoing prime minister, Yair Lapid, on Monday of not accepting the result of the elections held on November 1 and of spreading false fears against “a government elected by the majority”. of citizens.

In a statement released on the social network Facebook, Netanyahu has accused his predecessor, as well as the still Defense Minister Benny Gantz, of spreading lies against his future Executive, assuring that he will not dissolve the Ministry of Defense or that he will not act against the community. LGBT, as Lapid would have claimed.

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“(Yair) Lapid and (Benny) Gantz do not accept the election results and spread false fears against a government elected by the majority of the public. Lapid, who established a dangerous government with the Muslim brothers, broke records in the appointment of Norwegian associates and signed the surrender agreement to Hezbollah, is currently conducting a delegitimization trip against the people’s choice,” Israel’s prime minister-elect said.

“We are determined to govern and carry out the policies for which we have been elected for the benefit of all citizens of Israel. For 20 years I have been responsible for leading the state in all fields, and I will do so this time,” he added. Netanyahu, appealing to the population not to believe “the lies”.

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In recent days, Lapid and other outgoing members of the current executive, including Gantz, have criticized the coalition agreements signed between Netanyahu and his far-right and religious coalition partners.

In particular, they have refused to grant supervision of some educational programs to the future deputy minister for ‘Jewish Identity’ Avi Moaz. In addition, they have also criticized Netanyahu’s decision to hand over powers over the West Bank until now controlled by the Army to the extreme right.

Thus, the leader of the far-right Religious Zionism party, Bezalel Smotrich, will be able to decide on the expansion and construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and impose restrictions on Palestinians living in the region, according to the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’.

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