NewsWorldNATO warplanes intercepted a Russian plane near Estonian airspace

NATO warplanes intercepted a Russian plane near Estonian airspace

NATO warplanes intercepted a Russian plane near Estonian airspace

(CNN) British and German warplanes intercepted a Russian plane flying near Estonian airspace on Friday, according to a statement from Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF).

This is the second such meeting this week as NATO conducts joint aerial surveillance efforts in the region.

The two Typhoon jets “were escorted by a Russian Tu-134 military airliner, nicknamed Crusty by NATO, two Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighter jets and an AN-12 Kub military transport plane,” the RAF said. .

This news is being updated General Appeals By Ukrainian Leaders For Western Fighter Jets. They say the planes are urgently needed to defend against Russian missile and drone strikes.

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But NATO allies Impossible to send more advanced planes to Ukraine, defense experts tell CNN

This type of interception is not unusual for NATO aircraft, but the joint air patrol is the first for two NATO allies, according to the statement.

The RAF described the move as an assurance that the UK, Germany and other NATO countries “stand by their Estonian ally at this tense time.”

“We quickly identified the Russian aircraft and then tracked it as it flew near NATO airspace,” RAF Commander Richard Leask said in a statement.

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Air policing missions help NATO identify any aircraft of interest, “we know who they are” and keep everyone in the airspace safe, Leask continued.

“It’s part of being a fighter pilot, we and our German counterparts have trained together,” the commander said.

growing tensions

The RAF is involved in Operation Azotise in Estonia, tasked with protecting any aircraft of interest in Baltic airspace, according to a military statement.

The UK will take over leadership of the German wing in April and joint Allied missions will continue to fly until the end of the month.

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The two interceptions this week involving NATO aircraft come after shocking aerial video surfaced showing a fighting Russian plane. An American drone was shot down over the Black Sea.

the drone falls highlighted the risk A direct conflict between Russian and NATO assets during Moscow’s ongoing war in Ukraine.


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