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    NewsEuropeNATO reaffirms its support for Ukraine but will not send planes

    NATO reaffirms its support for Ukraine but will not send planes

    LThe military organization will support Ukraine in the war against Russia for as long as it takes. But NATO members will not send fighter jets yet.

    Those are part of the conclusions discussed in the NATO Defense Ministers Council room in Brussels.

    Meanwhile, NATO members warn of low ammunition stocks running low due to the war in Ukraine.

    They claim to increase the defense budget.

    Lloyd James Austin IIIDefense Minister of the United States assured: “We still have much more to do. Even as we rush to support Ukraine in the critical months ahead, we must all replenish our reserves to strengthen our long-term deterrence and defense.”

    NATO Defense Ministers and Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg They agreed that with an ongoing war Defense budgets will need to be increased significantly: “There is a full-blown war in the Ukraine, in Europe, and then we see the persistent threat of terrorism and we also see the challenges that China poses to our security. Therefore, it is obvious that we need to spend more. My -how to say- thinking about this is that instead of changing 2%, I think we should go from considering 2% as a ceiling to considering 2% of GDP as a floor, a minimum”.

    NATO allies agreed in 2014, after Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine, to halt the spending cuts they had made after the Cold War and switch to spending 2% of GDP on their defense budgets by 2024. .

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    Source: Euronews Español


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