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“My scholarship to start” 2022: registration, deposits, increases and how to obtain the key account

Claudia Sheinbaum during the announcement regarding the support of Mi Beca para Empezar, in Mexico City, on August 10.Government of Mexico City (Cuartoscuro)

With the new school year about to start, the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum announced that her support program “My scholarship to start” will increase to 500 pesos for preschool, 550 for primary and secondary respectively, and 600 for Multiple Attention Centers, so the student scholarships will have an increase of almost 25% to reduce inflation.

According to the undersecretary of education of Mexico City, Uladimir Valdez Pereznunez, 5,400 million pesos will be invested for the scholarship and 1,111 million pesos for the support of school supplies and uniforms.

This program, along with the delivery of uniforms and school supplies, benefits more than 1.2 million students in Mexico City, which is why it has become one of the key initiatives of the capital government, which replaced the “Children talent” that awarded a scholarship to children with high averages. This, on the other hand, is universal, as the head of government has expressed.

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Enrollment in the “My scholarship to start” program

All students must register from August 29 to September 30 on the page that the Government of Mexico City has enabled

What information is needed for registration

Students requesting the support must be students in public schools in Mexico City, have a valid identification, official identification of the tutor, student curp, proof of address that corroborates that they live in Mexico City and the Key Account of Mexico City.

What is the key account and how to get it

The key account is intended to streamline procedures in Mexico City; Among them, you can renew your driver’s license, obtain proof of non-criminal records, request certified copies of digital certificates and now, register “My scholarship to start”. It is obtained on the page and it is necessary to have curp, email and zip code, in addition to providing a password and cell phone number.

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When will be the first deposit of “My scholarship to start”

Ordinary deposits will start from September 1st. On the other hand, students who are new entrants, have changed states or schools, will receive payments from the following month in which they register, as long as the data has been validated by the authority. In addition, those who are new entrants will receive a voucher with the deposits of September, October and November.

What if I had problems with my registration

They may go to the service offices of the guaranteed education trust with proof of studies; curp; and original and copy of the official identification of the father, mother or guardian.

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If the applicant receives an email or notification informing him that the information he has provided is not valid or that he has not filled out the application properly, he must submit it in a period of less than 30 business days in the Guaranteed Education Trust of the City of Mexico with the documents mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Deposit for purchase of uniforms and school supplies

In addition to the scholarship, an amount earmarked for the purchase of uniforms and school supplies is also granted. Claudia Sheinbaum also announced the increase in the amount that was delivered on August 15. It will be 870 pesos for preschool, 1,000 pesos for primary and 1,050 pesos for Multiple Attention Centers.

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