TechnologyMore than half of Spaniards connect to the Internet through their mobile at least once an hour, according to a study

More than half of Spaniards connect to the Internet through their mobile at least once an hour, according to a study

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The 52.4 percent of Spaniards admits connect to the Internet through your ‘smartphone’ at least once an hour and, among these users, the 19.44 percent It says to connect with a frequency of between ten or fifteen minutesaccording to a study by Showroomprive.

In view of the increase in purchases and, therefore, Internet connections of consumers during this cyber mondaythe online private sales club specializing in fashion, Showroomprive, has collected data on the influence of mobile technology on Spaniards, through the study on ‘Mobile consumption habits 2022’.

According to the data collected from this study, Spaniards have a certain degree of dependence on ‘smartphones’ and their use for diving on the Internet. just one 31.30 percent interact with the terminal only when they receive a notification message or call.

Of the rest, 52.40 percent connect with a frequency of between ten minutes and one hour, and the 14.79 percent of the remaining Spaniards affirm that they search the Internet through their mobile phones more frequently than one hour.

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Of the Spaniards who connect at least once an hour, the 19.44 percent do it every ten or fifteen minutes2.49 percent more than in 2021. Following this line, the 18.17 percent of Spaniards use the Internet on their mobile device every half hour (17.37% in 2021), and the 14.79 percent do it every hourmaintaining practically the same percentage as in the past year.

The Showroomprive study also collects the five main reasons why Spaniards are addicted to mobile phones. Contrary to what it may seem, the The first reason is not to talk on the phone (19.72% of those surveyed), if not that this need is overcome by social networks.

For him 50.28 percent of Spaniards the main reason for addiction to the telephone is continuous use of social networks such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. This is due to the content distribution algorithms that are developed for this type of platform, so that the user is always hooked. However, it is a figure lower than that of last year, which collected 52.13 percent.

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On the other hand, the third reason suggested by this study is use the mobile to listen to music and play video gameswith a percentage of 14.65 percentcompared to 15.25 percent in 2021. It is also followed by watch series or videos, with 12.96 percent (a figure that has increased by 3.5 points) and shopping, with 2.39 percent of Spaniards.

Another of the main reasons why Spaniards use the ‘smartphone’ are the ‘apps’, which facilitate Internet browsing even if indirectly. In this sense, the study indicates the most recurring reasons for users to keep an ‘app’ on their phones.

Among them, the 29.72 percent of respondents say the main reason for leaving an app installed forever is that is necessary. Likewise, it must be an app that you like or that it is intuitive and easy to use, according to 20.85 of the users in both cases.

In the same way, the 19.30 percent maintain an ‘app’ because they find offers and exclusive advantages, for example in travel, food or clothing. Lastly, the 9.30 percent of Spaniards say that if they keep an ‘app’ it is because they have space enough in the memory of the ‘smartphone’ and, simply, it does not delete it.

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Following this thread, He has also questioned the Spanish why they use ‘apps’ focused on fashion As a result, it can be seen that the profits provided by these apps accompany the concerns of Spaniards about price increases and the inflation that is currently prevailing.

Therefore, the first reason of those surveyed to use fashionable ‘apps’ is that of compare prices (37.04%), and after her that of buy clothes ‘online’, with 25 percent of users who support this option compared to 23.87 percent in 2021.

They are also widely used for get inspiration from the ‘looks’ of the famous and ‘influencers’ (12.25%), or for Sell ​​clothes, with 9.72 percent of interested Spaniards.


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