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More than 65 percent of Chileans residing in Spain approve of the new Constitution of Chile

Voting in the constitutional referendum in Chile – PABLO OVALLE ISASMENDI / AGENCIAUNO

Chilean citizens residing in Spain have approved the new Constitution of Chile by 65.61 percent, which, however, has been rejected by nearly 62 percent of voters globally.

As detailed by the Electoral Service of Chile (Servel), a total of 7,228 Chileans residing in Spain have participated in the constitutional referendum, thirteen of whom have voted blank, while the vote of another 24 has been null.

Thus, 4,718 voters have shown their support for the proposal for a new Magna Carta, which represents 65.61 percent of the participants. On the opposite side, 2,473 people (34.39 percent) have voted against, thus following the general trend in the plebiscite.

The Servel has reported this Monday that, according to preliminary data, the ‘rejection’ of the referendum on the project of a new Constitution has prevailed over the ‘approval’ with 61.87 percent of the votes.

In the mandatory participation referendum, nearly 13 million people have cast their votes, of which 7.8 million have shown their opposition to the proposal and another 4.8 million (38 percent of the participants) have voted in favor.

Following the results, hundreds of people have taken to the streets to celebrate the ‘rejection’ of the plebiscite, with flags and singing the national anthem. Subsequently, there have been clashes between individuals for and against the Constitution in the center of the capital, Santiago.

The Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, has summoned the political parties to debate the continuity of the constitutional change process, before announcing a cabinet change. In this line, the president has indicated that the “important and urgent challenges will require prompt adjustments in the government teams, to face this new period with renewed vigor.”

Among the political parties in Chile, whether on the left or right, there is a political consensus that a new Magna Carta must be carried out that eliminates the Constitution of former dictator Augusto Pinochet, and that it be elected by the citizens.

Source: Europa Press



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