NewsLatin AmericaMore than 2.2 tons of cocaine seized in Venezuela

More than 2.2 tons of cocaine seized in Venezuela


The Bolivarian National Armed Forces of Venezuela have reported an operation in the municipality of Catatumbo, in the state of Zulia, in which 2,260 kilograms of cocaine have been seized.

The strategic commander of the FANB, General Domingo Hernandez Larez, explained at a press conference that 78 bales of high-purity cocaine were found in this operation, according to the Venezuelan portal Ultimas Noticias.

The military officer explained that the cargo “left Norte de Santander, making a journey through the Catatumbo River, where it was to be transferred by air through an illegal runway.” This important cache belongs to the Sinaloa Cartel, which would have collaborated with the Jalisco Cartel to take it to Belize and later be sent to the States, Mexico and Europe.

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In addition, during this operation, two citizens of Venezuelan nationality linked to “terrorist groups” have been arrested.

Hernandez has highlighted that the country has achieved an increase of 39.69 percent in the last year, as well as an increase in operational performance of 49.77 percent.

“We have an increase of 33.19% of those detained compared to last year. In the face of this new operation, we reject foreign unilateral policies. We are dealing forceful blows against drug trafficking,” he stressed.

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Last week three tons of marijuana were seized in Puerto Escondido, Cabo San Roman, Falcon, in what is already the largest stash of this drug seized in Venezuela in the last decade.

Source: Europa Press


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