News World Moldova says goodbye to the association of post-Soviet countries, led by Russia

Moldova says goodbye to the association of post-Soviet countries, led by Russia

He moldovan government has confirmed this Monday to take the first step to disassociate itself from the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), a post-Soviet alliance headed by Russia and with which chisinau He had already marked distances in recent years.

Igor Grosu, the President of Parliament, has confirmed his distancing from the CEI, after consulting with the President of the Government, Maia Sandu in which they have determined that “procedures have been initiated” to remove Moldova from the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, since it is a “useless” structure for the country.

Moldova has slipped on several occasions the possibility of breaking agreements with this block, at a key moment in which it looks instead towards the European Union. In fact, the state Moldovan is since June 2022 candidate for the EU, a status it obtained at the same time as Ukraine.

“It is clear that the inclusion of Moldova in the CIS structures does not help us to resolve the Transnistrian conflict, it does not help us to expel the Russian Army from our territory, it does not protect us from economic embargoes, it does not protect us from energy blackmail in winter, from threats and hostile statements,” Grosu has condemned.

The President of Parliament also assured through his Twitter that after a founding country of the CIS, Russia, will attack another founding state such as Ukraine, “this organization is already it cannot be called Community”.

The CEI was established in 1991, to bring together countries that have remained largely under Moscow’s orbit, and Moldova joined this forum in 1994. However, the military offensive launched by Russia against Ukraine has ended up breaking any collaboration ‘de facto’.



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