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    Miguel Bose: “I am in the stage of letting go”

    The bandit lover looks tired. He walks slowly across the stage and with a wandering look, as if he has lost the habit of being on a stage as he has done hundreds of times. His voice has relaxed the power of yesteryear and has degenerated into a hoarse, harsh, rude sound. He has a hard time talking. And also listen. Miguel Bose has aged and the years have not only grayed his hair and wrinkled his face, but have dampened the vitality of one of the great pop artists in Spanish. He himself seems aware. This Sunday afternoon he appears before an audience that idolizes him in the concert forum of the Guadalajara International Book Fair to make a revelation that for his own ego —and he has had a very big one— can be brutal: “I am in the time to let go,” he says. “The time has come to let go.”

    Bose has traveled to Guadalajara to present his most recent book, The secret history of my songs (Grupo Planeta), a compendium of chronicles in which he narrates important moments of his life through his great musical successes, but which also includes unpublished photographs and intimate documents, such as a letter he wrote to his father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin, with whom he had a turbulent relationship. Despite the fact that his presentation was announced as one of the main events of the FIL, this afternoon there are no huge queues or jostling for a privileged seat in front of the stage. The day before, the presentation of a self-help book filled the fair’s largest conference room, to the point that dozens of people had to listen to the talk outside the venue on a huge screen. Perhaps the Mexicans who attend this literary gathering these days will prefer Band-Aids for the soul than a bandit lover. All in all, the audience gathered at the concert venue is loyal and loves the idol of him. They welcome him warmly, with a very Mexican apapacho, accompanied by that ole, ole, olee, Bose, Bose, that is reserved for the characters of the popular imagination that draw sighs. Miguel Bose receives such an overflow of affection with a smile.

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    Miguel Bose greets his admirers at the FIL in Guadalajara.Nayeli Cruz

    His book flies from the table of Grupo Planeta, which has arranged boxes full of the work. People, mostly men and women over 30, gaze at him gawking, with a volume on their lap, waiting for the moment when the idol signs their copy. But before Bose gives them a wonderful gift: the narration of the story of his songs, like the romantic I will love you. He claims it is one of his most poetic texts, which he wrote when he was barely 20 years old and a boy longing for love. “I had no love and my heart was beating with this letter that I sent to see if I had an answer,” he says. “I have not written something so strong and effective again,” admits the Spanish singer-songwriter. Applause. Screams. An “I love you, Bose” launched with the force of a crush.

    Throughout the talk, which he shares with the influencers Mexican Jesse Cervantes —who also does not hide his delusion for the Spanish artist, whom he calls “one of the greatest voices that art has given”—, Bose tells fascinating, personal stories full of love and pain like a Scheherazade of music . Like the one that hides behind her song Don diablo (he walks around corners / and hides in the drawers / of the prey he decides to get if he continues like this / I’m going to tell him / that he sings to you, oh! my girl / how I enjoy when you wink / I would like to give you a little kiss), who was born one day when her niece Bimba, barely five years old, asked her who the devil was. “It was in Mexico City,” recalls the singer. “I had to think of how to answer her without scaring her. She was wondering how I explain it to her. So I came up with this funny, spicy song, which tells who the devil is without scaring ”, he says, moved by the memory of Bimba Bose, who died in 2017 at the age of 41 after two years of fighting cancer.

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    Miguel Bose signs autographs for his admirers.
    Miguel Bose signs autographs for his admirers.Nayeli Cruz

    Another of the emotional anecdotes is the one that is hidden behind If you do not come back, one of the songs that plays without an expiration date in bars and taxis in Latin America. (And every night a star will come to keep me company / to tell you how I am and to know what’s up / tell me love, love, love, I’m here, don’t you see? / if you don’t come back there will be no life, I don’t know what I’ll do). It is a song, says Bose, that he wrote after the death for the father of a friend. He was working with his team preparing the repertoire for one of his albums, when this person received the news of his father’s death. “The sadness my friend fell into was contagious. We become like sponges that absorb that sadness, ”he explains. Then a terrible idea passed through his head: what would he do if he lost his? “I thought then what would he say to my father if he had to leave. People think this song is a love song or blackmailing someone into staying. Yes, there is a lot of love in there, because the idea of ​​losing my father was unbearable for me”, admits Bose, while the public drowns in a sigh of tenderness.

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    Today there is no room for controversy. His followers prefer to listen to these anecdotes than to remember the controversial positions of the artist, who launched nonsense about the covid-19 pandemic and became an anti-vaccine spokesperson. Regarding covid, he said that an elite created the coronavirus as an excuse to vaccinate the world population and thus be able to implant all of humanity with “microchips or nanobots for the sole purpose of controlling it.” This afternoon people seem to forgive her nonsense. They love the Bose who has delighted them throughout their lives with his songs. The man devoted to music. To the one who has come to confess that time is running out and that now, at this point in a life lived with intensity, he wants to tell his secrets. “I’ve been too enslaved by these things and I’ve decided to let them go,” he says. “Life is short,” he adds. “And you must live it your way, because you can’t have the life that others want,” he assures, mischievous and smiling, the bandit lover.

    Miguel Bose talks about his book 'The Son of Captain Thunder'.
    Miguel Bose talks about his book ‘The Son of Captain Thunder’. Nayeli Cruz

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