TechnologyMicrosoft uses ChatGPT to teach robots to bring you a soda and heat up your food

Microsoft uses ChatGPT to teach robots to bring you a soda and heat up your food

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, has already sparked an AI frenzy in the tech world, but now a team of Microsoft researchers is taking AI technology even further by enabling ChatGPT breaks out of the confines of the computer and is released into the real world.

This week, a team of Microsoft researchers released their first results after allowing ChatGPT to take control of bots.

“Our goal with this research is to see if ChatGPT can think beyond text and reason about the physical world to help with robotics tasks,” the Microsoft researchers said.

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Ripped almost straight out of science fiction, these envision a day when the average citizen can issue instructions like “please, heat my food” to a robotic home assistant and it can complete the task from start to finish.

In this report, the researchers detail how they used certain instructions to let ChatGPT take control of a small drone. By typing instructions into the ChatGPT chatbox, the researchers were able to direct the drone to find objects in a room such as a “health drink,” “something with sugar, and a red logo” (in this case, a can of Coca-Cola). and a mirror to make a selfies.

The reason why ChatGPT is well-suited to following these commands is the same reason why OpenAI technology has made some software engineers nervous. software about the future: the AI ​​chatbot can quickly translate natural language into code.

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OpenAI has kept many industries on edge ever since the company decided, as a last resort, to release its AI chatbot ChatGPT to the public at the end of November. Experts anticipate that a number of fields such as writing, education, and computer engineering software will be altered as a result of this technology.

Although Microsoft experts have acknowledged that their work “represents only a small fraction of what is possible,” they warn that these ChatGPT results should not be displayed without “careful analysis”.

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