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    TechnologyMeta dismantles its division dedicated to identifying "potential harm to society" on Facebook

    Meta dismantles its division dedicated to identifying “potential harm to society” on Facebook

    File – Graphic representation of the Meta Platforms logo and a mobile phone with the Facebook ‘app’. – Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images via / DPA – File

    Meta Platforms has disbanded its team dedicated to identifying “potential harm to society” in the products of Facebook the company-owned social network run by mark zuckerberg.

    The division, which was named ‘Responsible Innovation’included more than twenty engineers, as well as ethicists and other privacy specialists who collaborated on it, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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    Its objective was to identify “potential harm to society” in the development of Facebook, explained in 2021 the vice president of Product Design and Responsible Innovation of Meta, Margaret Stewart on the company blog.

    Despite this, Meta has proceeded to dismantle this division, created “Many years ago“, according to Stewart herself. For his part, the company spokesman Eric Porterfield The US media has stated in statements that the technology company remains committed to the team’s objectives despite everything.

    Porterfield has added that the company prefers to invest its resources in other teams more specific problem oriented. In addition, he has advanced that most of the members of ‘Responsible Innovation’ will continue to perform similar roles in other departments, although new jobs will not be guaranteed.

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    The one in charge of leading this division, Zvika Krieger, left Meta at the beginning of the year, according to the outlet. In an interview, he highlighted that the team’s work was greater than that of others aimed at also ensuring the security and integrity of the platform.

    Krieger also recalled that the team participated as a consultant in more than one hundred products. As an example of his work, he has pointed out that he recommended not including a function to filter Facebook users Couples depending on your race.

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    Source: Europa Press


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