News Europe MEPs approve a project to regulate AI

MEPs approve a project to regulate AI

MEPs approve a project to regulate AI

One of the key points of the vote has been the use of Artificial Intelligence for facial recognition.

The Regulation on Artificial Intelligence is closer to being a reality. This Wednesday the MEPs have given the green light to their political position and to the start of the trialogues, that is, the negotiations with the Council. MEPs have called for AI systems to be “supervised by people” and to be “safe, transparent, traceable, non-discriminatory and environmentally friendly”.

The objective is that this text, which would be the first in the world to regulate AI, puts human beings at the center. Furthermore, it advocates for a “uniform definition of AI designed to be technology neutral so that it can be applied to the AI ​​systems of today and tomorrow.”

The legislation will be based on a system that will assign a level of risk to each of the AI ​​technologies and establish a series of obligations accordingly. The tools that imply an “unacceptable level of risk for the security of citizens” will be prohibited.

The future Regulation on Artificial Intelligence has had to adapt to the novelties that have emerged in the sector in recent months, such as foundational AI systems such as ChatGPT.

Now the process faces its last step: negotiations with the Council of the European Union. It is expected that these can begin this Wednesday.

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