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    Entertainment'Mean Girls' author threatens legal action for Tina Fey defamation

    ‘Mean Girls’ author threatens legal action for Tina Fey defamation

    ‘Mean Girls’ author threatens legal action for Tina Fey defamation

    The woman who inspired “Mean Girls” was furious Tina Fey And Paramount monetized his work.

    author of the book rosalinda wiseman saying New York Post This weekend, he and his lawyers will take legal action to examine the film studio’s ledgers. The money they’ve earned from ‘Mean Girls’ over the years can be sent to you.

    The reason… Weisman says he feels a lot of money has been lost since the 2004 hit movie came out, especially in light of the Broadway musical… years now in different markets.

    According to RW, the contract he signed with Paramount and TF at the time, which earned him $400,000 once, and in which he agreed to waive any rights to work and/or derivatives, guaranteed him net earnings points, based on how well your movie did AND more can be done. However, he says that Paramount told him repeatedly that they had nothing in the bag…and that they haven’t collected much in a long time.

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    Wiseman thinks that’s BS, and his attorney, ryan keachsays: “I suspect most people would be surprised at how badly Rosalind Wiseman was treated. That’s right”.

    It adds: “It would not be shameful for a company with Paramount’s resources to go so far as to deny Ms. Wiseman what is rightfully hers for creating what has become one of the best entertainment rights of the last 25 years.” Rosalind and company. They say they want to audit Paramount and are considering next steps… although they haven’t specified exactly how they want Paramount to comply.

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    As many of you know… ‘Mean Girls’ is based on Wiseman’s 2002 parenting book ‘Queen Peas and Wannabes’, which Tina read and thought would make a good script.

    Of course, he’s absolutely right… the movie became a cult classic and serves as a staple of the 2000s. The thing is… Weissman seems apprehensive about how Tina Fey has recreated the material over the years. years, accusing TF of ripping her off her appearances and workshops (on little ‘mean girl’ dramas) without paying her an extra penny.

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    She says, “Tina clearly recognizes me and recognizes me as a resource, an inspiration. They recognize me, but I don’t deserve anything?».

    Wiseman adds, “Tina is very vocal about women supporting other women, but in my own experience, it’s become very clear to me that that’s not going to be the experience. You don’t just talk about supporting women, you do it.”


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