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    NewsEuropeMarta Luisa from Norway explodes against the media and remembers her ex-husband three years after his suicide: "I fear that history will repeat itself"

    Marta Luisa from Norway explodes against the media and remembers her ex-husband three years after his suicide: “I fear that history will repeat itself”

    2022 has not been an easy year for Princess Marta Luisa of Norway. Despite having grown up surrounded by cameras as the daughter of the kings of Norway, these months she has been the subject of much criticism that has led her to say “enough” against the repeated harassment of the media. She has done so through her Instagram account, in which she accumulates 215,000 followers, with an extensive text in which she has denounced the situation in which both she and her fiancee, the shaman Durek Verret, find themselves. .

    The sister of the heir to the throne has explained her relationship with the press: “We have experienced a media storm like no other in the second half of the year. A press coverage that some people could only bear for three days and that Durek and I have had to put up with year after year, ”she writes. In addition, she has related how all this has directly affected his mental health: “I know what constant pressure from the media over the years can lead to. I have been feeling it in my body since I was a teenager, and even before. I fear that history will repeat itself. We need peace and quiet.”

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    The situation has reached the limit for the princess. So much so that in the statement published on her social networks, she has denounced an “ambush” against her fiancee, known for being one of the gurus that celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow turn to, by a Norwegian media called Dagbladet. “There are media that do not skimp to get an article that gives them a visit. They did the same to Ari. [su exmarido y padre de sus tres hijas, y quien se quito la vida en diciembre de 2019]. They never gave up. They followed. stalking him Criticizing him all the time.” Finally, these attitudes were publicly denounced, but when it was too late, her ex-husband “was already dead,” says the princess in her note. “I hope this time they don’t wait so long to regret it,” she adds, referring to the media.

    On December 25, 2019, the life of Marta Luisa from Norway and her family would change forever. Ari Behn committed suicide at the age of 47. Days after his death, it was revealed that he was suffering from severe chronic depression that worsened after his separation that same year, although the ex-partner maintained a good relationship. Since then, Christmas has never been the same. “The period before Christmas is very difficult for our family. We remember Ari and what happened on Christmas Day three years ago. It is a dark time both around us and within us. We need peace”, explained the eldest daughter of kings Sonia and Harald, who has just been discharged after being admitted to the hospital for an infection.

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    Since Behn’s death, the priority for Marta Luisa is to support the three daughters she had with the writer: Maud Angelica (19 years old), Leah Isadora (17) and Emma Tallulah (14). “I have three daughters that I have to hug. Be there for them. They have different needs and ways of dealing with pain. Because this pain lasts for many years. There are phases of mourning that are new. That is why I have to take care of myself, to be able to be with my daughters ”, she has continued to explain on Instagram.

    A little over a month ago, the princess announced that she was resigning from her royal obligations. A decision with which she will maintain the title of princess, but she will no longer be part of the agenda and official activities of the Norwegian royal family and she will be able to dedicate herself to her commercial agreements. “Princess Marta Luisa wants to help to distinguish her own activities and the connection she maintains with the royal house more clearly. Therefore, she renounces her official functions and she will no longer represent the royal house, ”explained the statement published both on the royal family’s website and on her social networks. One day after said announcement, King Harald and Queen Sonia reappeared at a joint press conference, but it was the queen who spoke about her daughter’s fiance: “She doesn’t understand the meaning of what a kingdom is. He does not do it. She thought that she could do whatever she wanted without compromising us at all ”, collected the magazine Hello!. Although he criticized Verrett’s attitudes, he also defended him: “He’s a great guy and he’s a lot of fun to be around.”

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