Sports “Many teammates found out about Benzema’s departure from the club’s statement”

“Many teammates found out about Benzema’s departure from the club’s statement”

“Many teammates found out about Benzema’s departure from the club’s statement”

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos confessed this Wednesday that “many teammates” in the white dressing room found out about Karim Benzema’s departure to Saudi Arabia “through the club’s official statement”, hours before his farewell in the last game of the season at the Santiago Bernabeu, at the same time that he celebrated the signing of the Englishman Jude Bellingham regretting, however, that the arrival of the Belgian Eden Hazard in 2019 “was not a good transfer”.

“Staying or leaving is each one’s decision. There are also circumstances that contribute to a decision. Honor to whom honor (Benzema) deserves. What he gave the club, the important goals he scored… Last year was just the icing on the cake There have been few forwards in the last 15 years who have handled the ball like that, who have not limited themselves to scoring goals. It was a great pleasure to play with him, it was a joy,” Kroos said on the podcast ‘Einfach mal Luppen ‘ with his brother Felix Kroos.

The Real Madrid player thought that the French striker “had the idea of ​​ending his career at Real Madrid”, so he understood that his goodbye was communicated “so quickly”. “I think it was important for him to say goodbye to the Bernabeu. In general, it was noticed that it was with little notice. If not, more things would have been organized for him. It was an appropriate farewell for the little time available”, he assessed regarding how Benzema could saying goodbye by scoring in the last game of LaLiga Santander at the Bernabeu.

“Relatively few knew and there were many who found out from the club’s official statement. I have not spoken at all with him on the subject, because at the end of the day it is his decision. If he wants to say something to someone, he will do it. It was official in the morning and then he had the opportunity to say goodbye in the game”, Kroos settled the issue.

After the white ‘nine’ said goodbye, last Wednesday the arrival of Jude Bellingham to the merengue club became official, “a ‘top’ player that many teams wanted for his quality and age”. “I tend to have a lot of confidence in our managers. If Real Madrid is so committed to him, I hope he will be a very good signing for us,” praised the transfer Kroos, who shares a position with the former Borussia Dortmund player.

“I have not seen many Dortmund games this season, but I have seen him in the Champions League. He has played very well most of the time. And if he does the same here, he is a good signing. If not, then no.” , commented on Bellingham’s capabilities and potential to succeed.

Kroos did not avoid commenting on the fixed 103 million euros that it will cost Real Madrid, comparing this situation with the signing of Eden Hazard in 2019, a transfer “that was not so good”. “We had someone (Hazard) come in for a lot of money and more or less take a career break from him,” he criticized.

Finally, the German had good words for the Spaniard Marco Asensio, who will not be at Real Madrid next season either, despite having “not been left behind in terms of playing time and goal percentage this season.” “You often get the impression with him that he worked very well as a wild card, or even better than in some cases,” he analyzed.



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