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    Mandy Moore, the eternal promise of music that finally found its place on television

    There are many who have just discovered Mandy Moore. A tearful discovery because the end of This Is Us, after six seasons, did not leave a dry eye to the followers of this family drama with moments of humor focused on the life of some peculiar triplets and their parents. The actress’s brain exploded when she read Dan Fogelman’s script for the first time and did not hesitate to accept the role of Rebecca Pearson, the matriarch, who in a story full of time jumps ended up playing from the age of 27 until well into the character’s 60s. A proposal that, in the case of this American interpreter, offered her many first opportunities: hers, her first job on television, her first with this leading role and her first as her mother. “I am very grateful for such an opportunity, which allows me to show everything that I have inside,” she confessed in 2017 to this newspaper shortly after the series started.

    But for the first time nothing, because Moore (New Hampshire, USA, 38 years old) has been in this since he was 15 years old. A veteran soul in a young body. Of course, in a body that entered the world of entertainment through the front door, but on the music side, with songs like Candy that, according to the magazine Billboardsold 2.9 million albums in the United States when she was still a teenager.

    And those kinds of things, the envy of Hollywood do not forgive them so easily. Hence, despite the entertainment and headlines that Moore’s work has taken throughout this series, the actress has been left without an Emmy this year, the most outstanding television award that is delivered this September 13 . Not even a nomination. “It is frustrating that they have not recognized Mandy when her work is incredible, full of subtleties and details”, she defended her in early August of her co-star Chrissy Metz in the magazine US. Both have been candidates for the Golden Globe, as well as the series, which ended up getting this award for another of the tripletsSterling K. Brown, in 2018. And This Is Us He has won more awards throughout his career. But Moore has been the great forgotten, as if she did not belong to this industry. She has always said that she is used to it and that it is not important. That the important thing is the legacy of joint work. But she can’t hide that she hurts. “They put you in a box, they make you an archetype and it’s hard to get out because they don’t give you opportunities. And that’s frustrating. But it doesn’t make me angry ”, she has declared with different words in numerous meetings with the press.

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    Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson and actor Milo Ventimiglia, her husband in the television fiction ‘This Is Us’. NBC (Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

    The box in which she has been stuck for years is that of a young musical prodigy, not an actress, from the same generation as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera or Lindsay Lohan, but in her case with a certain air of a good girl. Robin Williams already told this newspaper when he worked with Mandy Moore in one of her first film jobs, Until the priest separates us (2007): “While everyone is talking about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, you have someone like Mandy Moore who quietly does a great job. And sure she has a great sex life [risas]But she’s very good at her job.”

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    Williams died too soon to continue defending her, but he cut a fine line in his comment. Appearances, as Moore says, are deceiving and especially back then, when the protagonist of A walk to Remember (2002) She married musician Ryan Adams at the age of 25. A marriage that ended in divorce six years later with the usual phrase of “irreconcilable differences”. Years later, the American interpreter was transforming the narrative of her past relationship, indicating that she had been emotionally abusive. “Not even paying me would I go back to my twenties. Now I feel much more comfortable with myself. I came out of my divorce much more empowered than I realize, ”she then confirmed to EL PAIS.

    As she always says, her heart is in music—perhaps the reason Hollywood doesn’t see her as one of their own. Literally. She not only as an artist, but she is marrying for the second time with the singer, songwriter and guitarist Taylor Goldsmith, with whom she has a son, August Gus Harrison, 17 months old, and is expecting a second. Ironic that Goldsmith is on the list of Emmy candidates with the theme Forever Now from the sixth season of This is Us in which he wrote the letter. “Endless pride to @siddkhoslamusic and @taylordawesgoldsmith for getting an Emmy nomination for their song ‘Forever Now’ in the last season of our #ThisIsUs”, the actress preferred to write on her networks after some nominations of which she had been made public left out

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    The passion he feels for music is also distilled in his tears. Not that she didn’t cry during the filming of the series. Or watching movies, especially forever friends (1988), with Bette Midler, her guilty pleasure that always makes her cry. “I wouldn’t have a heart if I didn’t get moved by the videos where you see Joni Mitchell walk out on stage. And I started to bawl when I saw her interpretation of Both Sides Now for the first time. She is everything, ”she declared at the beginning of August to the magazine The Hollywood Reporter in reference to the surprise appearance that the iconic Canadian singer-songwriter and her musical idol made at the Newport Folk Festival, an event in which Goldsmith participated.

    But as much as she loves music, family comes first for this mother who had to announce a few weeks ago the cancellation of her first tour in 15 years. She had been preparing it for a year and a half for the promotion of her latest album, In Real Lifeand taking advantage of the emptiness left in his working life by the end of This Is Us. But she didn’t know then that she would be expecting her second child. “Life on a set is very different from touring on a bus. Other energy. So I said to myself, you know what? We will try again when I do not have a child in my womb, ”she commented on the American television program Entertainment Tonight After the cancellation of the tour, this singer and actress who right now just wants to be a madrasa.

    Source: EL PAIS


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