LifestyleMake the modular prefabricated house you imagine come true from 1,500 euros/m2

Make the modular prefabricated house you imagine come true from 1,500 euros/m2

Make the modular prefabricated house you imagine come true from 1,500 euros/m2

People who are interested in modular prefab homesThey increasingly want to get more involved in the process, with the aim of achieving a home that is absolutely in accordance with their tastes. custom.

Hormitech is a Spanish company specialized in this type of concrete housing and offers the possibility of turning the house you imagine into reality.

They ensure that they will make your prefabricated concrete house designed by their architects, with the aesthetics and interior finishes selected by you anywhere in mainland Spain.

“Unique home, with a modern and elegant design, where architecture and design are combined, adapting to the needs of each client. Innovative Design homes with exclusive concrete structures that allow for maximum comfort and insulation“, they stand out.

They are houses “totally personalized and adapted to your needs, in which you can choose the materials that you like the most.”

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This prefabricated and sustainable house with Porcelanosa finishes costs 42,000 euros

How much do Hormitech custom prefab homes cost?

Starting at a cost of 1,500 euros per m2, your custom prefabricated modular concrete house will have a price that will be directly related to your aspirations.

In fact, at Hormitech they make a price calculator available to the customer in which you can indicate the m2 of the house, the surface of the basement, the porch, the terrace and the garage.

You must also choose the qualities and type of structural panel. By filling out this kind of questionnaire, you will know how much your custom modular home.

They clarify that the amount that comes out of the calculator is an estimated valuation, based on ratios, calculated taking into account an indicative surface program and an average construction price, including a 40×60 continuous slab or footing foundation, not including project , facultative direction, kitchen furniture, piling, removal and transport of land, or urbanization or external elements of the house, being conditioned to study and pertinent calculation.

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The final price will move downwards or upwards depending on:

  • The location and characteristics of the plot.
  • Of the surface and design of the house
  • The interior finish, that is, equipment, materials and qualities finally accepted and defined in the project report.

Your home will be finished within 6 to 8 months

At Hormitech we guarantee that your modular prefab house will be ready within 6 to 8 months.

Within the price called “turnkey” enters this:

  • Urban and geometric feasibility study.
  • Topographic survey and geotechnical study.
  • Complete project (preliminary project, Basic Project and P. of Execution of the house).
  • Optional direction of work.
  • Basic health and safety study.
  • Health and safety coordination
  • House foundation. Superficial by means of continuous reinforced concrete footing of 60×40 cm.
  • Earthworks and foundations are subject to the geotechnical study of the plot.
  • Construction of the house and interior finishes according to qualities established in memory of the project.
  • 10 linear meters of trenches and pipes for the connection to the connections at the foot of the plot.
  • Kitchen equipped and furnished, according to established design with ceramic induction hob, oven, extractor hood, integrated microwave. Possibility of customizing the kitchen, pvp conditioned to design by the client.
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