News Europe Madeira: the Portuguese island that is aware of the use of water

Madeira: the Portuguese island that is aware of the use of water

Madeira: the Portuguese island that is aware of the use of water

With the prospect that rainfall will decrease by 30%, the island of Madeira projects that it will have to resort to photovoltaic energy, in addition to wind power, and store as much water as possible to supply its population.

Against the backdrop of global climate change, a European project has optimized the Socorridos hydroelectric power station to supply electricity and water throughout the year. Thanks to this project, the use of renewable energy on the island now reaches 33%.

The island of Madeira is characterized by having a very rugged geography, which is why two questions arise regarding the development of the area:How do you guarantee the supply of water and electricity on this island??, and what will be the role of renewable energies in Madeira with climate change as a backdrop?

Wind and photovoltaic energy: strategic on the island

Thanks to the project with the hydroelectric power station, the use of renewable energies has been a protagonist on the island.

Wind energy is used to send the water stored in the power plant to this reservoir on the hill, should it be needed; for example when reaching high consumption peaks.

The south of the island is the driest area and, therefore, the most critical; Therefore, it is also necessary to generate strategies that deal with the decrease in rainfall.

Strategies for decreasing rainfall

Beatriz Rodrigues Jardim, director of Quality, Environment and Safety of the Madeira Electricity Company, tells us that it is necessary to have more accumulation basins, because there is a tendency to have less hydroelectric power and to resort to other renewable energy sources, specifically wind power.

“We have the perspective that rainfall will decrease by 30%, and it will also be necessary to resort to photovoltaics and, therefore, we will store all the water possible to supply the population”, explains Beatriz.

Beatriz explains that water is used firstly for the population, secondly for agriculture and thirdly for energy production.

“We live on a very small island and we are very aware that the use of water must be very efficient“, ends.

Source: Euronews Espanol



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