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Macron will visit Algeria on August 25 to relaunch bilateral relations after months of crisis

File – File image of French President Emmanuel Macron. – Beata Zawrzel/ZUMA Press Wire/dp / DPA – File

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, will visit Algeria on August 25 to revive deteriorated bilateral relations after months of crisis that culminated at the end of last year with some controversial statements by Macron on the democratic health of the country.

Macron described Algeria on September 30 as a “political-military system” based on “historical income” and with a “rewritten official history” in a meeting with descendants of leading figures of the Algerian war of independence, which caused outrage of the authorities of the African country and the call for consultations of the Algerian ambassador as an expression of protests.

The escalation of tension coincided with the French announcement of the drastic reduction in the number of visas granted to citizens of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on the grounds that these countries do not cooperate in the deportation process.

Now, Macron will make this visit, which will end on August 27, to “deepen the bilateral relationship, looking to the future for the benefit of the populations of the two countries, strengthening Franco-Algerian cooperation in the face of regional problems and continuing the work to curing historical memory,” according to the Elysee statement.

The trip took place after the phone call carried out this Saturday by Macron and his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmayid Tebboune, in which the French president conveyed his condolences for the serious fires in Algeria, which have left almost 40 dead, according to the official note of the Elysee, collected on its website.

It should be remembered that the trip coincides with the end of the commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the Evian Agreements (March 18, 1962), which ended more than seven years of war between the Algerian insurgents and the French Army, and the independence of Algeria (July 5, 1962) after 132 years of colonization.

Source: Europa Press



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