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    Luis Miguel, the ‘Sun’ wants to shine again

    Luis Miguel during a concert in Las Vegas in 2019.Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

    On Valentine’s Day, Luis Miguel (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 52 years old) sought to win back his audience. He did it by sharing a photo and four words: “Luis Miguel, Tour 2023 ″. The publication created great expectation in the networks, but the artist remained silent. Since his last concert, four years ago, El Sol has maintained discretion, a background, like the one he has forged since his youth with his private life. The controversy during his last tour —delays, half songs and maybe even a drink too many—, It has been lowered and the artist has shown a renewal on a personal and professional level. Since his last performance, the singer’s life has gone through a pandemic, a love break, a new crush, reconciliation with his eldest daughter and, above all, silence.

    The isolation forced by the covid and the audience rebound for many of his hits thanks to the popularity of the biographical series (Luis Miguel: The Series) have been key for the artist to distance himself from public life. “He comes off an interesting rescue in his career that brought him back to the top. After chaining failures for so long, what you see is the rebirth of a star. with a single postit revolutionized and generated very particular expectations”, says entertainment journalist Gilberto Barrera.

    The announcement of the new return of the artist to the stage inevitably brought back the bittersweet memory of the controversies of his last tour, four years ago. An example of this was the performance at the National Auditorium of Mexico, where he started late, sang songs halfway and out of time, and received ovations and boos from the public, as well as accusations for having acted with signs of drunkenness. Months later, the help of some friends like Miguel Alemán or businessman Carlos Bremer, allowed him to finish the tour in style. Despite the controversy, four years later, the idol will get on stage again. “He has tremendous resilience. And because of his maturity, he sings even better than he sang before ”, defends the president of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, Martín Urieta and has worked among others for Vicente Fernández.

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    a renewal

    Three years later, a photo in which the artist appeared with some followers in a Miami restaurant showed a radical change in the singer, more rejuvenated and with visibly more marked features. Barrera believes that this transformation has a specific purpose. “His physical change in him speaks of the concern he has to appear perfect. He is doing everything to arrive neat, with an overwhelming personality, to avoid the criticism that has come his way in the past”, he affirms.

    Luis Miguel during the presentation of his album 'My favorite boleros', in Madrid, on October 2, 2002.
    Luis Miguel during the presentation of his album ‘My favorite boleros’, in Madrid, on October 2, 2002. Fernando Camino (Cover/Getty Images)

    open to a new romance

    Luis Miguel has always been in love, with life, with the figure of women and with music. He commented on it himself in his interviews. “Clear [que me he enamorado]If not, how would you sing all the ballads and boleros? Everything has a logic, if you cannot feel, live many emotions, then it is more difficult to interpret songs ”, he assured in 1997 on the Chilean television program long live monday.

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    The intense private life of El Sol has been characterized by the unknown that he has tried to safeguard at all times. In the last four years, Luis Miguel has experienced a change of love, but always from the discretion. After breaking off his relationship with the American model Mollie Gould, the singer met again with the designer Paloma Cuevas. They had known each other since childhood, when Luis Miguel’s father, Luis Gallego (better known as King Luisito), fought in the capeas of Cuevas’s father, Victoriano Valencia.

    Years later, the singer became friends with Enrique Ponce, Cuevas’ ex-partner, who is also the godfather of his eldest son, Miguel. The reunion between El Sol and the designer began last summer and, since then, they have been seen together on several occasions. Magazine Hello! reported that the two dined together on February 14 – when he announced his return to the stage – at Bemelman’s Bar, the piano bar of the Carlyle Hotel, in New York; and at the end of 2022 they went together to do Christmas shopping in the center of Madrid, in the heart of the city, when it was closed to the public.

    The Mexican singer portrayed in Madrid, in 1998.
    The Mexican singer portrayed in Madrid, in 1998.uly martin

    A reunion with his eldest daughter

    The relationship with Michelle Salas, the eldest daughter the singer had with the actress Stephanie Salas, was complicated from birth. As his biographical series showed, the singer refused to accept her paternity when she was still a baby, although it has been changing since her approach in 2005. “For a few years the relationship with Michelle [Salas] it has been very positive. I think that also speaks volumes about the emotional transformation she’s having. I don’t know how close he is in his intimate life, but he is rebuilding himself in various areas,” says the journalist.

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    The phenomenon Luis Miguel has been marked by ups and downs since his childhood. He began his career when he was only 11 years old, performing at the wedding of the daughter of the then president of Mexico, José López Portillo (1976-1982). From that moment, fame did not take long to knock on his door. A year later, he released his first single, 1+1=2 lovers. The beginning of that fame also meant the beginning of an exploitation of his figure. Her father, Luisito Rey, put the young promise to act tirelessly: television appearances, chained national concerts and even world tours. The bubble that began to inflate due to the ambition of an alcoholic, macho, and lying father continued to grow until it burst in the early 1990s when, some time before his death from cirrhosis, Luis Miguel decided to get away from him.

    Luis Miguel, poses as a teenager for a portrait with his brothers Alejandro and Sergio, in 1985.
    Luis Miguel, poses as a teenager for a portrait with his brothers Alejandro and Sergio, in 1985.Mondadori Portfolio (Getty Images)

    The RAE defines a gallant as “a man with a good countenance, well-proportioned and graceful in handling his person.” A cliché that has haunted the interpreter of The unconditional from his youth. “I think it is important to live in the present and enjoy it. Life is a miracle, a privilege, you have to enjoy every moment,” Luis Miguel said in 2010, then paused, smiled, and exclaimed: “Forks!”. She had liked his ode to life.

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